понедељак, 10. април 2017.

Rabbit Live Wallpaper


Hop, hop, hop, here is a treat for your mobile phone or tablet - Rabbit Live Wallpaper is available now for free. These lovely and fun bunnies are just waiting to make you smile-tap the screen and new furry cuties appear. Did you know that scientists have proofs that looking at small cute animals, like rabbits, has a therapeutic and relaxing effect on humans? Download the cutest dose of free therapy and the little rabbits will melt your hearts immediately.

- Ideal live wallpaper for your mobile phone!
- Whenever you tap on the screen, a new rabbit appears!
- Five types of background styles – different pictures!
- Three types of speed of the floating objects: slow, normal, fast!
- Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
- Choose this animated background and you won't regret!
Follow the installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

If you love cute wallpapers and find furry colorful bunnies irresistible, search no more - Rabbit Live Wallpaper is ideal for you. And whenever you think that your mobile screen cannot look any sweeter, tap on it again, new fluffy rabbits that appear will prove you wrong. What is quite curious about rabbits is that they, like humans, are very affectionate. For instance, when rabbits are happy, they have the sweetest performance called a binky- they jump, twist and often run in circles. Moreover, they groom each other in order to show affection and to socialize, since these little rascals truly love spending time with other rabbits. However, they can become friendly with cats, dogs, as well as some other cute animals, just download this new free application and see for yourself. 

A rabbit is a symbol of fertility and rebirth and it is commonly associated with spring and Easter as the Easter Bunny. In the Chinese Zodiac these adorable animals are one of the twelve celestial animals, whereas, in Native American mythology, the Great Rabbit is an important deity related to the creation of the world. In literature, rabbits are often represented as tricksters, always outwitting their enemies. You can, on the other hand, impress all your friends with this cute live wallpaper, warm and fuzzy bunnies will leave nobody indifferent.

Did you know that bunnies, contrary to the popular practice, shouldn’t be picked up by their ears? Also, another fun fact is that not all carrot-loving creatures are small. They weigh from 2 to 11 pounds. The biggest rabbit breed is the ‘German Giant’. It generally weighs from 16 to 20lbs.The smallest is the Netherland Dwarf. It weighs less than 2.5lbs. The cutest and sweetest free application available on the market, Rabbit Live Wallpaper, enables you to enjoy the sight of adorable furry bunnies, big and small, lying in the grass, or Eskimo kissing. Free ray of sunshine just for you, download this live wallpaper and sweeten up your day.


петак, 07. април 2017.

Jigsaw Puzzles 🐇 Easter Games


Easter day is coming closer. Prepare your Easter bunny costume and Easter activities. Take Easter photos. One of the activities can be to test your logic and train your skill in brain games. This is one of Easter photo apps for the Easter holidays. You need to use drag and drop principle to create beautiful Easter pictures. This cool and cute app can help you speed up the Easter countdown. It is one of the best and the most beautiful Easter apps containing happy Easter images. Jigsaw Puzzles 🐇 Easter Games is a free game which you can download and learn more about this holiday, things like Easter greetings, Easter dinner, Good Friday, Easter sunday and the Holy Week. Easter holidays are a happy time and the perfect moment to start playing Easter egg games. Easter eggs are the most beautiful eggs! When is Easter? It begins the moment you download this cool and fun app. If you like brain games, you are going to love this jigsaw puzzle game. Download it and find out how brain puzzles can make your holidays enjoyable! 

This free and cool app has the best features, and here are some of them:

* One of the best brain puzzles and mind games for Easter!
* Puzzle games for boys and games for girls who like Easter holidays!
* A type of brain teasers that really requires some brain exercises!
* Free jigsaws that belong to the category of relaxing games!
* One of the best Easter games for kids as well as mind games for adults!
* Share your score with your friends on social media!

If you like memory games or block games, you are going to love Jigsaw Puzzles 🐇 Easter Games application too. It is one of the best logic games and challenging games. Download this picture puzzles app and play one of the best creative games. This cool and cute puzzles for kids game is also one of the creative games and fun brain games for everyone who likes Easter. Easter puzzles are fun and free to download and play. They belong to the category of the best brain games, puzzle games and logic games in the world. Easter jigsaw puzzles offer many jigsaw puzzles free pictures. This is also one of the games for the brain that will train your skill in logic and make you better at all the brain puzzles and memory games. Jigsaw puzzle games such as this one are the best! You just need to feel happy and wait for the Easter day with this app on your screen.

Free jigsaw puzzles such as this cool and fun app are the best creative games and brain teasers for you. Everyone who likes relaxing games and fun brain games will enjoy playing this beautiful and cute app Jigsaw Puzzles 🐇 Easter Games. This type of puzzles for kids is mainly planned for people who celebrate Easter. Easter is the holiday that is celebrating Jesus Christ and his resurrection. It is the time when all Christians should rejoice! It is also the time to say Easter greetings to each other, such as "Happy Easter", and to spend quality time with a family over Easter dinner. The whole family can play puzzle games and brain teasers that this cool app offers! Happy Easter to you!

This type of apps is made to spread love and understanding among all the people who celebrate Easter. It is also made to accompany Easter eggs and Easter bunny on their mission to bring joy and happiness to everyone around the world. Download it and spend your Holy Week by solving difficult jigsaw puzzles.

We love making apps that constantly test people's logic skills and we love making apps about Easter. This is exactly the reason why you should check out our other apps if you really like Easter. Download them and feel free to tell us what you think about them.

четвртак, 06. април 2017.

Cute Coloring Books for Easter


Doodling apps and Easter apps are cool! If you like to doodle and you like coloring and drawing, you should download this cute and cool app. It is one of the doodle and drawing apps and a paint studio for the Easter day. Easter holidays are usually followed by Easter activities such as Easter dinner. You can make it interesting with many fun Easter pictures that you colored. Doodling and drawing are fun when you get coloring books for free. This beautiful app is one of the coloring games that have many different coloring pages to make your Easter Sunday fun. Download this app called Cute Coloring Books for Easter and spend your Holy Week and Good Friday having fun and painting. Put on your Easter bunny costume and use this kids doodle color and draw free app to make Easter eggs beautiful. This is one of the Easter egg games that make your Easter holidays filled with beautiful Easter greetings and happy Easter images. With Easter countdown showing fewer days until the holiday, you should download the best paint studio with drawing and doodling games. This is one of the doodling free games for kids that is regarded as the best kids drawing book. 

This cool and free app has the best features, and here are some of them:

* The best Easter holidays doodling and drawing app! May your holy week be filled with color eggs!
* Kids coloring and drawing game for the Easter day!
* One of the best Easter photo apps with many Easter photos to be filled with color!
* Choose many different and happy colors for Easter bunny and Easter eggs!
* Set your painting as an Easter wallpaper on your screen!
* Share everything with your friends on social media!

When is Easter? It is when the Holy Week comes and Easter activities begin. It is the time that our Lord savior Jesus Christ was resurrected. Many Christians throughout the world rejoice! Easter holidays are the happiest time of the year and Easter Sunday, as well as, the Good Friday are really special days. Why not make it even batter with kids doodle color and drawing game free of charge! The app is called Cute Coloring Books for Easter and it is one of the best doodle games. Not only kids but adults as well can enjoy it!

If you like coloring apps and you are even looking for a good and easy coloring book for adults, you should download this cute app. Stress relief coloring is very effective with this holiday coloring book. You will be relaxed for Easter with the live coloring therapy that you will receive. This beautiful and cute app called Cute Coloring Books for Easter has the best Easter pictures for stress relief coloring and you should definitely enjoy it. It is, also, kids coloring and drawing app before everything and the youngest ones will have the best time ever. Feel free to download this beautiful and cool app which is also one of the best Easter egg games for kids. You will enjoy the Easter holiday all the way through! Create happy Easter Images and set them as a wallpaper to your screen or share it with your friends!

Easter is the time when the spring knocks on our door and we let it in with joy and celebration. This coloring app is here to make the celebration time even better. You will spend the best time ever painting interesting bunnies and eggs with any color you like! Download this beautiful app! Happy Easter to you!

We love making coloring apps and apps about Easter. Also, we love celebrating Easter every time and spending it by playing our favorite coloring game. If you like this one, feel free to check out our other apps and tell us what you think about them. 


среда, 05. април 2017.

Easter Lock Screen Wallpaper


If you like lock screen apps, you need to download this Easter day app and see one of the best live screensavers. It is cool and fun and it is one of the Easter photo apps with Easter photos on your lock screen. Download this cool app called Easter Lock Screen Wallpaper, put on your Easter bunny costume and welcome Easter to your home. There are many free and beautiful Easter apps, and this one is to speed up the Easter countdown. Easter is a holiday which is followed by many Easter activities such as Easter egg games, Easter greetings, Easter dinner. It also lasts for several days and includes the Holy Week, the Good Friday and Easter Sunday. When is Easter? It is when you start seeing Easter pictures and resting for Easter holidays. The best way to achieve that is through this cool and fun app which will give you Easter pictures and happy Easter images when you tap your screen. If you prefer having free screen savers and screensaver themes, download this cool and fun app. This screen wallpaper hd app has many pictures of Easter and every photo contains cute Easter elements. All of the images are HD wallpapers and the application also contains parallax effect.

This cute and free app has the best features, and here are some of them:

* Set your lock screen background with the Easter screen saver themes!
* The best live lock screen wallpaper free of charge!
* Parallax app - contains parallax live wallpaper which is very fun and beautiful!
* Many cute motifs included in this screensaver app - Easter bunny, Easter eggs and others!
* Screensaver wallpaper with lock screen clock for every boy and girl out there!
* Match the screen lock wallpaper download with the lock screen and enjoy Easter holidays!

This screen lock parallax live wallpaper app is very cool and interesting. Parallax lockscreen makes your screen sensitive to motion and makes it shake. 3D parallax live wallpapers hd option is included in this app and every Christian is going to love it. The 3D parallax background theme for this app is Easter and many people will enjoy the Holy Week with it. Download this cute and beautiful application called Easter Lock Screen Wallpaper and see how wallpaper lock screen can make your holidays beautiful. Wallpaper lock app such as this has in-app options where you can set many things about your screensaver wallpaper. Many screen saver apps live features are cool and you can have them all once you download this cute and beautiful app. This app is a lock screen maker of a sort and there is even a lockscreen notification for every call or message that you receive.

There are many different types of lock screen and each lock screen pattern design is different. This app gives you the Easter images with parallax lockscreen effect. It will make your screen saver cool and the HD wallpapers will be beautiful. This live lock screen wallpapers free app is made for all the Christians who celebrate Easter. Use lock screen swipe to remove the lock screen and the wallpaper lock app. Easter Lock Screen Wallpaper is a lockscreen for girls and boys who celebrate Easter all around the world.

Easter is the time when Jesus Christ died and was resurrected after that. It is the time of the year when the spring is near and all the Christians celebrate this holiday with their families. We are all filled with joy during that period and we only need apps like this to make it complete.

We all love Easter and we love making apps. This is the reason why we decided to make an application such as this one. However, it is not the only Easter app that we have in our collection. Check out our other apps and feel free to tell us what you think about them.


уторак, 04. април 2017.

Happy Easter Greetings Cards

Holiday cards are the best way to express our love! Free Easter cards will give you a fun and beautiful way to speed up the Easter countdown. These happy Easter cards contain Easter photos, and you will be able to add text to pictures. Easter apps are cool and Easter photo apps are the best! Download this cool and cute app, send e cards and dress in Easter bunny costume. It is a time to celebrate for it is the day our Lord savior Jesus Christ was resurrected. This is the reason for many to rejoice in celebration, play Easter egg hunt games and expect a call from the Easter bunny. This cool and beautiful app called Happy Easter Greetings Cards is also an Easter wallpaper free app. You can set your free ecards as a background to your screen and enjoy the Easter spirit. Easter holidays are a fun time of the year Easter day is the best. Download this free and cute app and expect an Easter bunny call anytime soon. Easter cards and happy Easter images are sent together with Easter messages, Easter wishes and Easter greetings. In order to have all of the ecards, download this cool and beautiful app. Enjoy the app and its Easter eggs and Easter bunny pictures. All the Easter pictures are fun and beautiful.

This cute and free app has the best features, and here are some of them:

* Many free ecards to choose from and wish happy Easter to your loved ones!
* Free photo editing software to add text to pictures, edit text and send beautiful congratulations cards!
* A great text editor and photo editor combined with the best Easter photos!
* Put your ecards as a wallpaper on your screen once you've finished editing them!
* Wallpapers based on the Easter egg games and Easter eggs in general!
* Share you congratulations cards and send Easter wishes via social media!

Download this cool and beautiful app and get free Easter cards. Many of the happy Easter cards contain Easter photos and they can be set as a wallpaper to your screen. This Easter wallpaper free option will make you love this holiday even more! Holiday cards will make you feel the Easter spirit all over again. All you have to do is enter the Easter messages in the text editor in this cool and free app called Happy Easter Greetings Cards. This app is special because it will give you the creativity for many original Easter wishes and Easter greetings. Every Easter bunny in this world will become happy when you send free ecards to your loved ones. Congratulations cards and greeting cards made with this app are beautiful and you will love every Easter wallpaper that you set. You will also love all the happy Easter images that come with this cool and beautiful holiday. 

If you expect Easter bunny call, make sure to prepare for it by sending Easter greetings and pictures to your friends and family. Every photo that is made into a background and into ecards is carefully chosen. It is up to you to choose whether to use them as a wallpaper or send them as ecards or invitation to spend Easter together. This beautiful e cards app called Happy Easter Greetings Cards will make you think of the most beautiful Easter wishes.

This is a great app for everyone who loves Easter and you should have a lot of interesting moments in using it. You just need to let your creativity do its job and you will create amazing ecards free for your friends and family to read and celebrate this beautiful holiday with you.

We love making apps for Easter and this is one of the apps that really celebrates this holiday. If you love this one, you are certainly going to love all other apps that we made. Check them out and feel free to tell us what you think about them.

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Happy Easter Live Wallpaper 🐰


There are many beautiful backgrounds in this world. Some of the cool and cute ones are in this fun app. Download it and get a free screen wallpaper collection. It includes many cool wallpapers such as rabbit wallpaper, flower wallpaper and Easter backgrounds. You are going to love every Easter bunny wallpaper and all the other Christian wallpapers and backgrounds. Download this free and fun app because it also has HD wallpaper download option through a photo editor. This wallpaper app has many images to choose from. If you are a fan of pictures during Easter, you are going to love each photo that this amazing HD wallpapers app offers. Download the app, put on your Easter bunny costume and expect a call from the Easter bunny during Easter countdown. All you need to do with this app called Happy Easter Live Wallpaper 🐰 is download it and get your Easter wallpaper free. Many cool wallpapers are inspired by Easter photos of Easter egg hunt games. This is simply one of the best Easter photo apps and Easter apps in general.

This cool and cute app has the best features, and here are some of them:

* The best Easter pictures for you! Set them as your background and enjoy!
* Enjoy Easter holidays more with the happy Easter images on your screen!
* Download a cute and fun Easter bunny wallpaper inspired by Easter egg games!
* Many other backgrounds connected to Easter such as spring wallpaper, flower wallpaper, etc!
* Colorful wallpapers and backgrounds for all Christians who celebrate Easter day!
* Share rabbit wallpaper with your friends via social media!

Easter bunny wallpaper will fit perfectly to every screen. All you need to do is to download this fun and beautiful app for free and choose the cool wallpapers and amazing wallpapers that you want to set. Every screen wallpaper is beautiful and describes all the joy that the followers of our Lord savior Jesus Christ feel when he resurrected. All the beautiful backgrounds and every rabbit wallpaper is a tribute to this great day. Download Happy Easter Live Wallpaper 🐰 and see how this cute app can make your holiday even more beautiful. It is free and it is easy to use. With Easter holidays that include Easter activities and Easter dinner, all you need is this app to make it perfect.

When is Easter? It is usually in spring and it includes the holy week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. You will have more inspiration for Easter greetings once you have this cute app. When you look at the images of Easter eggs or Easter bunny, you will be able to feel happy and wish happiness to others. Every wallpaper in the app is original and all the Easter pictures are cute and beautiful. It is up to you to choose your favorite background and set it on your screen while waiting for Easter bunny call. The app called Happy Easter Live Wallpaper 🐰 also has a photo editor which lets you set the wallpaper. Every year there are Easter egg hunt games and this year will be even better, because you will have a cool and cute app and beautiful wallpapers on your screen.

If you like celebrating holidays such as this one, it is always a great idea to have an app which will make it even better. Easter is the special time of the year when the nature wakes up and we all feel happy. Only a beautiful app, such as this one, can make it perfect! Happy Easter to everyone!

We love making apps about every holiday and live interactive wallpapers are our specialty. We also love celebrating Easter every year and making it special with interesting apps. If you like this amazing Easter app, check out our other apps and feel free to tell us your opinion about them.