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Sport Live Wallpaper

Hey there, sports fans! Sport Live Wallpaper brings you the thrill and excitement of sporting events to the screen of your device! Get this amazing new sports wallpaper and enjoy your favorite sports from the palm of your hand! If you are a fan of football, basketball, MMA, golf or tennis, you will definitely enjoy the latest sport wallpaper we have created for you!
Main features:
Awesome HD backgrounds!
Chose the wallpaper portraying your favorite sport, and have fun!
A rich variety of sport wallpapers are waiting for you to get them: basketball live wallpaper, football live wallpaper, cricket live wallpaper, and many, many more!
Animated images of your favorite sports at the palm of your hand!Sports backgrounds will sleep when your phone or tablet is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery!
Sport Live Wallpaper for your phone or tablet – get it now!
This sports live wallpaper provides you with the perfect decoration for your smartphone or tablet screen! Get the amazing Sport Live Wallpaper and evoke the thrill and excitement of cheering from the stands of the sports ground or stadium! For all of you avid football fans, this awesome football live wallpaper will certainly satisfy you! Set an image representing a football tackle or the one representing football players dribbling or passing the ball! If you are a devoted basketball fan, you will be thrilled with our fantastic images of basketball college leagues, such as ACCA, NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA! Get this amazing new basketball live wallpaper and feel the pulse of the basketball court! Every time you take a look at your smartphone or tablet screen, you will experience this emotionally charged atmosphere of the basketball game! If your favorite team sport is cricket, set cricket live wallpaper for the background of your screen and have fun! Feel the surge of adrenalin rushing through your veins as you picture yourself watching your favorite team hit a winning streak! If you enjoy watching a testosterone fuelled mixed martial arts match of the UFC, you won’t be disappointed as you can place an image of impressive MMA fighters grappling in a fighting cage for the background of your screen! On the other hand, if you are fond of less aggressive sports, such as tennis or golf, there is something for you as well! Outstanding images of tennis players presenting the white sport in all its glory will certainly appeal to your taste! Decorate the screen of your device with this tennis wallpaper and feast your eyes on the majestic images of tennis players swiftly passing the tennis ball over the net! Watch how that ball speedily flies across the tennis court only to be returned with a mighty serve! If you enjoy gazing across the green of the golf course, you will be amazed with our golf live wallpaper! Get the impressive image of a golf player striking a ball with a golf club across the field only to hit one of the holes! For all those rugby fans, the striking picture of rugby players forming a scrum can now decorate the screen of your phone or tablet if you decide on Sport Live Wallpaper! Set this powerful image of players wrestling for a rugby ball for your background and feel the excitement of an actual match! If you are a devoted baseball fan, set baseball wallpaper as your phone or tablet’s background! If you prefer hockey, opt for the hockey wallpaper by setting a picture of hockey players fighting for a hockey puck! If your favorite sport is American football, choose the picture representing this amazing full-contact sport! 
If you are a sport enthusiast with an insatiable hunger for sports who is always searching for innovative sports wallpapers, Sport Live Wallpaper is the perfect sport app for you! Get this amazing new sports app for free, install it on your device and enjoy! 

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