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Orange Live Wallpaper

Orange Live Wallpaper takes your perspective on color to a new level! Decorate your phone or tablet screen with this brand-new color live wallpaper that will color your perspective on life! Beautify the screen of your device with vivid colors of orange pictures enriched with amazing effects that will bring some vibrancy to your everyday life! Choose your favorite color, and have fun!
Main features:
▫ Animated sparkling diamonds, hearts and stars flying in all directions on your screen!
▫ Choose from ten different beautiful color backgrounds!
▫ Choose the speed of animated objects on your screen!
▫ Orange Live Wallpaper is very easy on the battery – it sleeps when the device is inactive!
▫ Wide selection of colors in the palm of your hand! 
▫ This splash of color wallpaper is the best color app for you! 
▫ Orange Live Wallpapers for your phone or tablet – get it now!
Choose these fantastic HD backgrounds and add a touch of color to your life! Let the color touch you and inspire you in the most delicate of ways! There is a broad variety of colors available for you: from vividly orange and pretty pink to fiery red and deep sea blue and many more! Get this amazing new wallpaper and beautify your days with the delicate images of shiny colored diamonds, bright stars and cute hearts floating on your beautifully colored screen! All you need to do is pick your favorite color for your background and enjoy the dance of magically sparkling shapes on your tablet or phone screen! 
It seems that nowadays our mundane urban lives have become colorless and dull with little scope for creativity. So, why don’t you add a spark of originality to it with a smidgeon of color! Instead of having a boring black wallpaper or white wallpaper treat yourself to the brilliance of a colorful wallpaper! Take a look at our amazing color palette and pick the background color that suits your sensibility best! Get our gorgeous new orange background and add a splash of freshness to your moments! Bold orange wallpaper, passionate red wallpaper or vibrant green or yellow background will definitely kindle the spark of your imagination inspiring you to achieve more! Orange, pink, red, blue, yellow or green will decorate your phone or tablet screen like never before! Also, the awesome animation of sparkling stars, diamonds and hearts majestically flying all over your screen will make this creative new color app the best color app you have ever seen! Be inspired and immerse yourself in the richness of hues enriched with stunning 3D animation! Enjoy watching these cute shapes as they elegantly glide on your screen. Choose from a variety of amazing sparkling colored wallpapers and dive into the intensity of color embellished with beautiful sparkling effects! These splendid backgrounds of vibrant colors strewn with heart, star or diamond glitter will certainly add a little bit of magic to your days! Regardless of your color preference, this amazing color app will certainly appeal to your taste! Embrace this inspiring world of color and embellish your device screen with twinkling stars, glowing hearts or brightly shining diamonds! 
If you are searching for an innovative background for your tablet or phone screen that will color your moments, try Orange Live Wall paper and prepare to be dazzled! Download this free live wallpaper, install it on your device and add a bit of color to your days! Let this sparkling new app color your screen as well as your mood!

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