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Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper


Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper takes the use of your smartphone or tablet to a whole new level! See how your brand new smartphone or tablet screen turns into shards of glass in just a couple of seconds! Get the awesome Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper and scare the hell out of your parents when they see your expensive smartphone screen full of cracks! Trick your parents with this ultimate prank and scare them with the coolest broken screen app there is for smartphones and tablets! Now you can have loads of fun when you fool anyone you know into thinking they have ruined your expensive gadget! An awesome animation of broken glass flying in all directions is so realistic that you might just think it can cut you! This crazy wallpaper is a must-have for every teenager or for anyone who feels young at heart. Get the amazing broken screen wallpaper and have fun!

Main features:
▫ Powerful broken screen wallpaper for phones and tablets!
▫ Choose from five astonishing broken screen wallpapers – more HD backgrounds are added daily!
▫ Animated cracked glass at the palm of your hand;
▫ Choose the speed of animated objects on the screen!
▫ This broken screen app is very easy on the battery – it sleeps when the device is inactive!
▫ Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper for your mobile – get it now!
With this cracked screen app you will feel a surge of adrenalin with every cracked screen prank you make! Astonish your friends with this powerful 3D effect! Learn how to trick your friends easily! Tell a friend to hold your expensive smartphone and then trick him with this awe-inspiring effect of a cracked phone screen! This smashed screen wallpaper will certainly fool everyone into thinking that you have a smashed screen! The more expensive your smartphone is, the more fun it brings! Install Cracked Screen Wallpaper and enjoy powerful 3D effect of glass breaking! Get the Cracked Screen Wallpaper and make your awesome smartphone’s screen even more awesome with an impressive image of smashed glass. Sharp glass splinters of the cracked screen of your smartphone will bring you and your friends lots of fun and excitement! Experience the powerful mixture of feelings as your phone screen turns into a pile of broken glass before your very eyes! 
If you are searching for a broken screen app that looks real, try this cracked screen live wallpaper and prank your friends for free! Ten beautiful glass backgrounds are perfect for tricking your parents into thinking that you have actually broken your new phone or tablet! This amazing live wallpaper is all that you need to make your phone and tablet screen look even more incredible! Download this free live wallpaper, install it on your phone and tablet and have fun! Make every day April Fools Day!

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