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Dragon Live Wallpaper

 This amazing free Dragon Live Wallpaper presents the year of the Dragon in Chinese Zodiac, where each year has an animal sign according to a 12 year cycle. Dragon is the only sign in Chinese horoscope which isn't an actual animal from 12 of them that Buddha summoned at the end of his earthly life. This vital and powerful myhological beast, presented by our cool Dragon HD wallpaper for Android™, came as the fifth, and that's why it marks the fifth Zodiac year of birth in Chinese lunar Calendar. If your year of birth matches with the year of Dragon, you should absolutely download your Dragon free wallpapers and learn everything about your Chinese earth sign. Make the most of this Wood Sheep Year, and your new Dragon Wallpaper for mobile phones will absolutely show you how!

Main features:
▫ Beautifully animated Naga live wallpaper for you!
▫ Choose snail live wallpaper for your phone or tablet–more HD backgrounds are added daily!
▫ Amazing images of these fascinating Chinese year animals for the screen of your smartphone or tablet!
▫ These awesome horoscope HD backgrounds are very easy on the battery – they sleep when the device is inactive!
▫ Enjoy these new, free Chinese astrology wallpaper – get them now!
Follow the installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
▫ HD graphics and open GL.
▫ Optimized Battery Usage.
▫ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
▫ Dragon Live Wallpapers fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.
Did you know that the Shengxiao or Chinese astrology was invented by the ancient Han dynasty, based on 5 elements as the key to everything in the universe and the natural phenomena. Dragon's element is earth, the symbol of birth and growth, which brings honesty and fidelity to your unique personality. Get these awesome Dragon HD wallpapers today, and show everybody the originality of your Chen personality. These cool, new Dragon Android Wallpapers bear the symbolic meaning of your omnipotent horoscope sign according to Chinese Yin and Yang- this fifth earth sign in Zodiac Chinese calendar, is governed by yang. Dragon Live wallpaper with dragon images will bring fire and inspiration to your life, so get your free astrology wallpapers now!
Dragon is very important imaginary creature in Chinese mythology and tradition. Our Dragon android wallpaper depicts a potent and dominant beast, symbolizing the imperial power in ancient China. As horoscope signs, they bear innate courage, confidence, even aggression, not afraid of challenges and willing to take risks. Download this new awesome Chen wallpapers and feel the strength of your fabulous astrological sign! Dragons are impressed by wealth, prestige and rank, and others refer to them as snobs. You don't care what other people think of you-you should definitely say it with our Dragon free wallpaper on your screen! Get these high definition wallpapers for smartphone or tablet and be a success wherever you go! This year, the overall fortune of this mighty snail will be smooth. When it comes to love and romance , single people will have more chance to find true love, and couples will lead a harmonious life. These awesome Dragon wallpapers will help you jump to the amazing love opportunities-find your best match with Rat, Tiger or Dragon astrological signs. These awe inspiring zodiac signs will have strong career luck in the year of Wood Sheep-if they work hard enough, they'll get remarkable returns. Let your new Dragon Live wallpaper free apps for your phone show everyone who's the boss!

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