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Christmas 🎁 Block Puzzle Game


Hello there! Come on in, join us during these holiday days! Are you in the mood for a cool and pretty puzzle game with Christmas and New Year motifs? Then look no further! We have the right game for you here! Download this free Christmas 🎁 Block Puzzle Game app for your smartphone or tablet and explore the world of fun and awesome holidays as well as tangram puzzles! If you love the snow and frosty mornings, twinkling Christmas lights and feasts for Christmas Eve, these block puzzles are for you. There are many different puzzle sheets in this app you can choose from. But be sure that all of them are interesting and festive. And if you cannot choose which motif is your favorite, don't worry. With this app you will never run out of ideas as it has many different options! Download it for free and explore all its cool features. You'll see, this will be the only block puzzle app you want for the best holiday fun!
This Christmas block puzzle app features:

* A great number of Christmas and New Year themed puzzles!
* Choose the puzzle size and number of pieces!
* Advance through levels!
* Train your perceptive skills and memory!
* Perfect for kids of all ages as well as the adults!
* Save the solved puzzles to your Phone Gallery! 
* Share on social networks!
You can also find merry Santa, laughing with his hat on, a beautiful blue snowflake falling, a green Christmas tree with bits of silver and gold, as well as an occasional frozen Snowman. And the things we mentioned so far are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are stuck for inspiration, take a look at Christmas 🎁 Block Puzzle Game. You have certainly played this type of a game before, because it is a familiar one. But on this occasion it has a brand new look. Since it is the most magical time of the year again and the holidays are coming, the old and tested game got new winter clothes. We mentioned some of the designs of the puzzle sheets so far but that is not even nearly all of them. In this awesome app you can also choose to solve the puzzle with the cute and sparkling Xmas bell or the colorful Christmas decorations.
The famous image of reindeer and Santa sleigh is among the puzzle sheets again. The famous red-nosed reindeer is back! Rudolph and his friends are ready to pull the sleigh again, and spread holiday cheer. Santa is one more time on his way to give presents to all the nice kids around the world. And we think that one of the cutest Christmas motifs is a nice present with a pretty bow. That is why we put a puzzle sheet with Christmas gifts. Solving it might remind you to buy those last minute gifts for family and friends. Download and enjoy!
While we are on the topic of family and friends, why don't you share Christmas 🎁 Block Puzzle Game app with them? It can be your gift to them. We are sure they will love it. Plus, it will be funny to see your parents playing these awesome puzzles like little children! This puzzle collection has all the best themes and motifs. Download it for yourself and others and solve together the amazing puzzle sheets with beautiful Xmas wreath or garland. Maybe you like the Xmas stocking more. Or even the New Year themed one with 2017 in pretty colors. It is fine, you will definitely find the right one for your mood and likes.
But the cute and pretty winter wonderland pictures in this app are not the only good side of this app. It is fun, we'll give you that, but it also works out your mind. Training your brain and your coordination are just a couple of the benefits this puzzle game offers.
This fantastic block puzzle helps you boost your attention and memory skills. Trying to match those pieces so that they fit and make up a certain image might seem easy. But trust us, this is a very challenging game that needs your concentration and effort.
Download the app for your smartphone or tablet and have fun!

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