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Christmas Photo Sticker Editor

Ho, ho, ho... Santa is here with a sleigh full of presents. One of his presents is this amazing application for your smartphone or tablet - Christmas Photo Sticker Editor! Santa knows that you love snapping photos so he decided to tell his elves to make this awesome app. The creative elves and Santa's helpers worked day and night to bring this photo editor app to all of you. Mrs Clause had some say in it, as well. She also loves photography so she knows what she is talking about! The stickers you get with it are so much in the spirit of New Year and Christmas that you will want to bake some cookies and make hot chocolate. It is because the festive cheer gets you as soon as you start using this app. So, what are you waiting for? Download this app, use it to get into the holiday mood and cheer on!
This amazing app features:
* Easy to use!
* Colorful and pretty Xmas and New Year stickers for your photos!
* Interesting picture effects!
* Edit one of the photos from the gallery!
* Take your selfie and edit it!
* Capture photo and transform it! 
* Set your creations as a wallpaper!
* Save the images to your phone and make a collection!
* Share with friends!
* Share on all social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Viber and WhatsApp!
The reindeer are cheerfully neighing, impatient for you to open the nice Santa's gifts! But, if we are honest, Christmas Photo Sticker Editor was made with the help of elves and Mrs Santa. Santa Claus was too busy giving away the presents so he couldn't be there. But don't worry this creative photo app brings you all the best Christmas motifs, as approved by Santa, in the form of stickers for your photos. Beautify your selfies or regular photos with these stickers and show off. Download this application for your smartphone or tablet for free and enjoy being a photographer and editing photos you make.
Let these stickers remind you of a choir of carolers, on a snowy winter night, as they go from house to house and sing the most popular songs and spread festive cheer. The sweet smell of roasting chestnuts and minty candy cane will inspire you. And the sparkling lights on the evergreen Xmas tree will bring some magic into the atmosphere. Add some mistletoe for a romantic twist on your photo. Cute colorful ribbons are also a good idea. For a white Xmas add some snow or for a warm and relaxing Christmas Eve add some candles. Finally, for a fantasy motif that reminds us of New Year add some fireworks. Create pieces of art on your phone and show off with them on all social networks!
Get on the throne as the king or queen of fun. With Christmas Photo Sticker Editor you will feel like you are playing makeover games. Make your friends laugh when you add stickers to their photos. Add some funny ones, such as Santa's beard or elf ears and share it with your friends. It is guaranteed that those photos will put smiles on their faces. Make your photos look like one of the Christmas greeting cards, with holly wreaths and icy paths. If you add some snowflakes and Rudolph with his ruby red nose your job is done. You have created the perfect Xmas photo of yourself and your friends and family.
While we are on the topic of family, this might be the perfect opportunity to get back at your parents for embarrassing you in front of your friends or that cute boy or girl. Take their photos and “beautify” them to look really funny. Trust us, they will be the ones embarrassed after that. And you will be happy that you managed to do some mischief for Christmas!
Download the coolest Christmas sticker app for your smartphone and enjoy the holidays. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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