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Horse Live Wallpaper

Decorate the screen of your device with the breathtaking images of horses! Beautify your phone or tablet screen with the majestic images of different horse breeds and enjoy the power of nature! Get these impressive HD backgrounds depicting this gentle giant in all its glory proudly galloping across the fields and pastures! For all those animal lovers fascinated by the boundless energy of nature, this is the perfect app for you! Leave the troubles of fast, urban life behind you and allow these beautiful horse images to take you on a journey of self-discovery!
Main features:
▫ Beautiful pictures of horses for your phone or tablet screen!
▫ Horse Live Wallpaper is very easy on the battery – it sleeps when the device is inactive!
▫ Amazing animal wallpaper at the palm of your hand!
▫ Inspiring Horse Live Wallpaper for your phone or tablet – get it now!
From the ancient times, the horse has been deeply admired and placed on a pedestal. Our literature is filled with numerous stories and legends depicting the admiration that the horse has compelled, one of which being the famous legend of the Trojan horse which was observed by the Trojans as a magnificent and an awe-inspiring gift offered to them by the Gods as a reward for their piety. This noble and wild beast is symbolic of the power of nature, its strength and boundless energy. It has served mankind so loyally, helping people in warfare, agriculture and transportation. Being the human loyal companion from time immemorial, the horse has earned a special place in the history of humankind, leaving the humanity ever so grateful. Being the noble companions of brave ancient warriors and modern-history soldiers, horses have definitely found the way to our hearts. So, what better way to express your gratitude to this exceptional creature than decorating your device with the images that glorify it! Get these lovely horse pictures depicting beautiful horses and enter the land of peace and serenity! Be it a bay horse or a black horse, a chestnut horse or a gray horse, a wild horse or a tamed one, these majestic animals will appeal to the primal aspects of your being! Rediscover your primal nature with these lovely images of wild horses - a magnificent black stallion with glistening mane flowing behind it or an untamed white mare of breathtaking beauty! Restore your inner balance and harmony with these exceptionally beautiful images of horses prancing in the field! This proud and admiration-worthy gentle beast is bound to arouse your deepest sentiments and stir your most delicate emotions. As the horse is the embodiment of everything that is pure and noble, this horse wallpaper may restore your faith in humanity as well. Whether you are a fan of horseback riding or horse breeding, these inspiring pictures will please you! If you are fascinated with horse racing and enjoy seeing a prize specimen of the Arabian horse, the mustang horse or the quarter horse, these amazing images will definitely satisfy your expectations! If you consider yourself a devoted animal lover who strongly condemns animal cruelty, get this new live horse wallpaper and express your love and admiration not just for this noble creature but for all animals!

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