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Vintage Live Wallpaper


Beautify your phone or tablet screen with adorable vintage images brought to you by Vintage Live Wallpaper! If you are looking for a pretty vintage wallpaper displaying lovely images of old things that belonged to some good old times, get these precious backgrounds and add a dash of romance and style to the screen of your device! Download this retro app for free and relish these beautiful old images!

Main features:
▫ Lovely vintage wallpapers for you!
▫ Choose from five different vintage backgrounds for your phone or tablet screen – more HD backgrounds are added daily! 
▫ Beautiful pictures of a vintage floral wallpaper, old books and photographs and many more at the palm of your hand!
▫ Stunning vintage patterns for your phone or tablet screen!
▫ These lovely backgrounds are very easy on the battery – they sleep when the device is inactive!
▫ Vintage Live Wallpaper for your phone or tablet screen – get it now!
Adorn the screen of your device with these images of sheer beauty depicting vintage design now available to you completely free of charge! Download these classy images and revive the spirit of old times on the screen of your gadget! This delightful blend of past and future will undoubtedly put a spell on you! Get these charming vintage pictures and sense the magical presence of the past! If you love watching old black-and-white movies and prefer classic style of clothes and furniture, Vintage Live Wallpaper is the perfect app for you! Get these lovely images of vintage furniture, vintage clothing or vintage cars and return to some simpler times. Get these marvelous images of old clocks, old coffee sets, or of a vintage suitcase treasuring the memories of incredible journeys! Download these romantic images and embark on a romantic adventure in the land of dreams! Revel in the beauty of this precious collection of wonderful vintage backgrounds! Allow them to inspire you and make your day! Let this stunning vintage wallpaper trigger your imagination with its lovely images associated with the past! With this vintage app you can now embellish the screen of your phone or tablet with a charming wallpaper with a floral print like those that once used to decorate the walls of the house of your beloved grandparents! Revive those precious childhood memories and embrace the past with these magical vintage images! This charming wallpaper is bound to make you feel special and loved! Transform the present into the past and let it take you on a journey to the nooks and crannies of your fondest memories! For all those avid readers out there there is a picture of old books hat would look great on the screen of your device! Get this wonderful retro background and show everybody how passionate you are about good reading! Make these stunning vintage pictures your favorite decoration for the screen of your device and let the spirit of some good old times move you in the most magnificent of ways!
Get this impressive retro wallpaper and rekindle the spark of the past! Download Vintage Live Wallpaper free of charge and enjoy its charm!

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