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Melody Live Wallpaper


Melody Live Wallpaper brings music closer to you with the inspiring music images from the music scene. Be it the image of a music score, musical notes, or of piano keys, these pictures will undoubtedly cast a spell on you! These romantic pictures will provide you with a perfect setting for your relaxation! If you prefer classical music backgrounds, this is definitely the perfect music app for you!
Main features:
▫ Beautiful images of music scores, musical notes and the keys of a piano;
▫ Melody Live Wallpaper is very easy on the battery – it sleeps when the device is inactive;
▫ Melody wallpaper is the best music app at the palm of your hand!
▫ Sound live wallpaper for your phone or tablet - get it now!
Take the music with you wherever you go, and enjoy life to the fullest! Choose these fantastic Melody Live Wallpapers and add a touch of music to your everyday life! Get inspired by myriads of musical notes of all kinds! Myriads of eighth notes, whole notes, quarter notes, half notes and sixteenth notes can now beautify your screen! Relax and enjoy watching them glow majestically from the screen of your phone or tablet. The divinely colored wallpapers will simply mesmerize you! Get this free sheet music wallpaper to decorate your tablet of phone screen and have fun! If you prefer more contemporary music backgrounds, enjoy our futuristic images of beautiful emerald-colored musical notes or multicolored notes. Leave your troubles behind and allow yourself to be pampered with these relaxing sights! Make these amazing music images your new source of inspiration and creativity! Get this innovative music wallpaper and imagine yourself having fun surrounded by friends in a crowded nightclub! With this awesome music DJ wallpaper you can now evoke your best nights out! Let the magic of music take you somewhere you have never been before! These powerful colorful images will certainly put you in a good mood in just a couple of seconds! With a vivid splash of colors, they will fire your imagination and inspire your creativity! Get this sound live wallpaper and feel the powerful sound of music permeate every aspect of your being! This dance live wallpaper will appeal to you regardless of the kind of music you prefer! Whether you are a fan of rock ’n’ roll or punk music, classical music, R&B, dance music or any other kind of music, this music DJ wallpaper will appeal to your taste. If you are a music player, this is definitively the best music app for you! Whether you play the piano, drums, acoustic guitar or electric guitar, this powerful sound wallpaper is the perfect choice for you!
If you are searching for a timeless background for your tablet or phone screen, try this music live wallpaper and get ready to party! All you need to do is to choose a music background that matches your taste. Download this free music sound wallpaper, install it on your device and get ready to have fun!

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