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Love Live Wallpaper


Get ready to fall in love with the most romantic images you have ever seen! Love Live Wallpaper takes you to the land of everlasting love and romance! Decorate your phone or tablet screen with wonderfully romantic pictures and let your journey to the land of magic start!
Main features:
- Romantic 3D wallpapers for you!
- Choose from a rich variety of beautifully animated love backgrounds for your phone or tablet screen!
- Animated sparkly hearts flying all around your screen!
- The romantic Love Live Wallpaper is very easy on the battery – it sleeps when the device is inactive!
- Appealing love images at the palm of your hand!
- Romantic love backgrounds for your phone or tablet – get them now!
Beautify your phone or tablet screen with these wonderful love pictures! Decorate the screen of your smartphone or tablet with this romantic wallpaper and let the magic begin! Embellish your smartphone or tablet screens with this delightful love wallpaper and celebrate the majestic feeling of love! These beautiful love images will make you fall in love with them the minute you set your eyes on them! Love transcends barriers and makes the impossible possible! It nurtures us and serves as an inspiration to reach for the stars! It inspires and touches us in the most wonderful of ways! Get this adorable new love-inspired wallpaper and beautify the screen of your device with the most romantic scenes! Let these delightful pictures of couples in love exchanging tenderness touch you and stir your emotions! Enjoy the charming portrayal of a couple exchanging affectionate kisses with beautiful little sparkling hearts magically flying around them! Get the amazing love image of beautiful multicolored hearts! Decorate the screen of your phone or tablet with these incandescent pictures and show to the world why love is the only thing we need! This beautiful heart wallpaper will make love blossom on your screen like never before while the adorable heart pictures will melt everybody’s heart! These adorable backgrounds are just the thing you need for that special boy or girl you have a crush on! Let these romantic images portraying couples in love help you express your own feelings! Embellish the screen of your phone with the lovely image of a boy and a girl kissing while lots of cute little hearts fly around them! Let the adorable picture of two lovebirds innocently kissing melt your heart! Adorn your screen with these pretty images portraying the most magical and glorious feeling there is! Allow these scenes of ethereal beauty to take you on a journey of self-discovery and dive into your own fantasy! Make these graceful figures come to life on your screen and unlock their secret desires! Beautify the screen of your device with an affectionate display of emotions captured in these lovely images strewn with wonderful glittering hearts! 
If you are looking for a romantic app for your smartphone or tablet screen that will knock your socks off, Love Live Wallpaper is the right wallpaper for you! Get these stunning backgrounds and enjoy their magnificent imagery! Download this free live wallpaper, install it on your phone or tablet and add a bit of romance to your days!

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